Blog: The Impact Of Landscape Photography In Interior Design

Landscape photography is an art that captures the beauty of natural spaces. Interior design, on the other hand, is another art form that aims to beautify manmade, indoor spaces. The two concepts share striking similarities, and when brought together, they make for a combination of visuals that can have powerful and lasting effects.

What do we mean by this, exactly? Read on to learn more in the sections below.

How Landscape Photography Affects Interior Design

It brings the outdoors into the space

    Landscape photography has the innate ability to add life to a room. It provides a visual representation of the great outdoors, giving any space a magnificent view regardless of its location or structural limitations. Without this, a room can look barren, making its occupants feel more lethargic and in general, less happy.

    It serves as a focal point for the room

      Whether as a single photograph or a series of different ones, focal points are important in any interior space. They provide a visual anchor to a room, drawing viewers’ eyes and creating context in which a room can be seen and navigated. The lack of one can mean that a room looks cluttered or unfinished.

      It adds contrast to the structural elements

        Structural elements are typically severe and rigid. That is simply their nature, as they have to be durable to withstand the test of time. A landscape photograph, however, can add softness that will serve as contrast to these hard elements. It can add an organic flow to a space, breaking up its overall monotony.

        It ties a color palette together

          A landscape photograph, with its limitless potential in terms of color palette, can also add coherence to the different colors present in a space. The colors don’t necessarily have to be similar to the rest of the room, as complementary or contrasting hues can be combined to great effect provided some thought is put into their use.

          It injects the user’s personality into the space

            One of the main objectives of interior design is to create a space that shows off its occupants’ personalities. When landscape photography is the chosen medium, a room can reflect the unbridled freedom that the outdoors bring. This can have the effect of evoking similar feelings in the viewer, allowing them to feel invigorated and at the same time, relaxed.

            It acts as a conversation piece

              Due to landscape photography’s widespread appeal, having one or more in a room can be a great way for visitors to socialize in the space. The art can be bold and dramatic without the risk of alienating certain sensibilities. Nature, after all, is something that everyone can relate to.

              It can inspire the design itself

                Finally, but perhaps fundamentally, a landscape photograph can serve as the design inspiration for any room. An infinite variety of patterns, textures, and colors are present in the art form, and these can all serve as the underlying theme of any space.


                As you can see, landscape photography and interior design are perfectly suited to one another. They complement each other, playing off of each other’s strengths to ultimately bring a design that looks finished and full of life.

                I’m a landscape photographer in Los Angeles. If you are looking for pieces to add to your collection, get in touch with me today to see how we can help.

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