Blog: Our Guide To Defining Contemporary Landscape Photography For Beginners

Many people think that landscape photography is a straightforward process, but it’s a complex subcategory of photography that focuses on capturing unique elements, fleeting moments, and unseen emotion within the scenery. Contemporary landscape photography, for instance, tells a story about the current moment.

What is Contemporary Landscape Photography?

As the moniker suggests, contemporary landscape photography refers to a style that uses elements that belong to the same period of time. Seeing as we all live in the present and most photographers use modern equipment and technology to achieve their vision, it’s easy to say that all photography taken today is considered contemporary.

While that may be true, there are other factors that also influence the definition of contemporary photography. For one, adding a contemporary touch to landscape photography can mean that the photographer is pushing the boundaries set today, whether it’s to show it through a crooked horizon, or showing sceneries in angles you wouldn’t have thought to look.

What Goes Behind Contemporary Landscape Photography?

1. Pre-Visualization

Whether you’re shooting scenery or endless, verdant hills, photographers need to take in the view first and analyze what they want to represent in the image. It isn’t just about capturing a pretty picture, after all, so landscape photographers highlight the mood of the moment more than anything.

The composition and lighting are aspects that can amplify the mood that you’re going for, allowing the view of a busy street, congested city, an open field, or mountainous surroundings to have more meaning than just picture-perfect looks.

2. Story Telling

Contemporary landscape photography is all about capturing a story that can easily be missed by unobservant eyes. Even just the first signs of growth of a sapling tree set against an old tree can tell a powerful message, so photographers play around with the lighting, coloring, and settings to bring this story to light.

Just changing the shutter speed to a longer setting, for instance, can show movement in the grass, clouds, and ocean waves.

3. Revealing the Unexpected

Looking at the same landscape as a forest, for example, can look completely different from other perspectives. Photographers can bring out the mystery in what seems like a straightforward image by looking for areas that have exciting elements - from elevation differences, vibrant colors in a woodland setting, or the shift in clouds creating a natural spotlight.

Contemporary landscape photography is all about finding something original within grasp and showing something unfamiliar in a frequently visited site.

The Bottom Line: Contemporary Landscape Photography Has Varying Definitions

Just like different forms of art, landscape photography practices a versatile medium that allows photographers to express stories, moments, and their perspectives in an artistic way. When choosing a photographer, for instance, the ideal one largely depends on your personal taste and what resonates with your own experiences or style.

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