Blog: Black-And-White Photography: 4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Walls

Black-and-white photographs are considered the main staple in the world of photography because that’s how they started. Whether in family photos, fashion, or landscapes, they create a different drama and evoke certain emotions. In fact, photojournalists make use of black-and-white photographs to convey a particular message to the public that is at times lacking in colored photos. Even old photos look perfectly dramatic, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

Have you ever thought about decorating your walls with black-and-white photography to enhance the aesthetics of a room? If you want to take your walls to the next level, here are four tips for your black-and-white photography you should consider:

1. Have a neutral space or background

Black-and-white photographs complement well with a neutral space. They may not have many colors, but the subdued shades create interest in otherwise dull and boring walls. They provide a graphic kick without necessarily saturating the muted tones and textures. Know that you don’t have to hang your art pieces because you can place them on a desk or any other surface.

2. Create a bright and contrasting backdrop

Do your best to veer away from a brightly painted backdrop, as that will overwhelm your room. Instead, go for black-and-white photography on your walls because they can create a bright and contrasting backdrop for the space. They can make your walls look interesting without attracting too much attention. For your guide and reference, have enough framed photographs to fill the whole wall, along with a large mirror and a contrasting piece of art to balance everything.

3. Incorporate straightforward fashion and style

The black-and-white photography has always been associated with fashion. If you want to add fashion and style in your room’s walls, then black-and-white photos are your best option. What’s great about these muted colors is that they exude class, elegance, and sophistication. On the contrary, too much color can actually appear comical. So, if you want to inject a little fashion on your wall, hang artwork on top of the molding so that your black and white photos will be apparent.

4. Integrate a cohesive yet eclectic design

What’s great about black-and-white photography is that it complements well with any other type of art. Whether landscape oil paintings or figure sketches, black and white photos make everything look cohesive. Despite such oneness, the images unravel an eclectic design that will rise above any wall designs. Get some old family photos, find your favorites to frame and display them in your walls to add personal character and history to your wall.


As you can see, there are ways and means to design and decorate your walls with black-and-white photographs. Make sure to follow the valuable tips outlined above, or you can even be a little experimental and see what works for your room.

If you want to spruce up your walls and take it to the next level, try and incorporate black-and-white photography. If you’re looking for a photographer in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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