Blog: A Quick Guide To Choosing The Right Picture Frames For Your Photos

From social media slideshows and archives to traditional photo chests and cork boards, there’s a wide range of options for you to enjoy or display your favourite shots. While each way to display a beautiful photo has its own perks and unique qualities, however, nothing can beat the classic picture frame.

As opposed to other ways to display a photo, picture frames have an irreplicable allure to them, one that is guaranteed to emphasize the most beautiful qualities in any shot. Just like how framing works its wonders on traditional oil paintings and mixed media work, these special frames help present any photo as the work of art that it truly is.

However, with a wide range of options available in the market today, making the perfect choice is much harder than ever. Fortunately, if you know the basics of what to look for, then there’s no need to worry, as essential knowledge can go a long way.

Regardless of whether you’ve got a small memento you’d like to preserve or a large portrait that deserves to be hung with pride, here are a few tips you can use to pick the perfect picture frame:

Tip #1: If it’s casual or simple, go for a lighter frame; if it’s elegant or formal, go for a darker option

A quick tip to consider when picking a frame for your photograph is that the nature of your work plays a big part in determining the appropriate tone of wood to work with.

Generally speaking, darker tones work well with highly-professional or formal types of photos because they help elevate the seriousness or masterfulness of the image itself. You may not notice it at first, but a darker hue of wood helps display your work and highlight it the same way a spotlight would. On the other hand, lighter examples of wood are much more apt for simple or casual works of art because their laidback aesthetic meshes well with the more relaxed nature of the piece itself.

Tip #2: Don’t overthink the details, focus on the bigger picture, literally and figuratively

One common error that many beginner and intermediate photographers make when getting their photos framed is that they overemphasize the task of matching specific colours when they should be looking at the general tone. When you choose a particular frame, it is important to understand that the manner in which both frame and art complement each other makes a bigger difference in the final finish as opposed to whether or not the colours match.

Tip #3: Choose a colour that complements the colour of the wall you’ll hang your work on

If you’ve finally decided which part of your home that you’ll hang your photo on, then another consideration you should make when choosing your frame is that its colour should match with the wall itself. Taking the time to ensure that your colour choice lines up can go a long way in ensuring that your artwork becomes the focal point in your room, instead of being overshadowed by other interior decor elements.


When you consider the right details, you can help your photos stand out as the true works of art that they are. You only need to make the right choices in your framing set-up. By taking the three tips mentioned above to heart, you’ll end up with the best photo frame for your photo, one that highlights the beauty of every color, line, and shape.

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