Blog: 9 Tips & Tricks To Showcase Large-Framed Photos & Art - What To Know

Photography prints and art pieces reflect your emotions that are inexpressible in words. Their dramatic pull is even better when they come at larger sizes.

Whether you prefer landscape photography prints or paintings on canvas, hanging large pieces of art can help you pull a room together, communicate your style, and make your space feel even more warm and enticing.

Learn more about the tips and tricks in hanging large custom-framed art or photos by reading the list below.

Choose your frame

Choosing the right frame enhances the charisma of your art or photo. To achieve this, pick wide frames with a stylish molding.

Opt for a thinner mat or go mat-free

A frame mat is a paper-based material in the frame that acts as decoration and separates the photo or art from the glass.

If you are hanging large art and photos, you may consider using a thinner mat or no mat at all. This will make the art or photo you are trying to showcase look more elegant.

Split the photo into smaller pieces

Make a creative twist on hanging an exceptionally large photograph by breaking it into smaller pieces. Split them into two as a diptych or three as a triptych. This way, the photo will be more visually appealing and engaging.

Print your photos at larger sizes

The photos you capture—even on your phone—will create a better impression when they come at great dimensions. Do not worry about the quality of the photos; their resolution is high enough to be printed at larger sizes.

Add a warm touch in your house by creating a special nook with large-framed photos of your snaps from family trips and celebrations.

Use float-mounted frames for maps

When hanging maps, you can choose a float-mounted frame for better effect. Whether you are hanging a world map, a vintage map, or a stylized map of your go-to country, maps make the perfect decorations for homes of adventure seekers.

Create a grid gallery wall for large art

If you are having a hard time choosing which photos or art pieces to hang, you can put all of them together and make a grid gallery wall. This style is a classy and visually captivating display that lets you create a giant statement piece.

Pick a spot

Choose the perfect spot in your home where you can hang your large custom-framed landscape photography print or painting. To attain the dramatic impression that you are aiming for, you may consider placing the art above your bed, couch, or desk.

Hang your art or photo

When hanging a large art or photo, make sure that the center of the piece is at eye level, which is ideally 57 inches above the floor.

Keep the room’s elements simple

Your large art or photo will surely draw the attention of your guests. To prevent your living space from becoming too overwhelming, keep other design elements simple.


Make your large photos or art pieces stand out by hanging them properly. By using the right frame, styling techniques, and areas in your home, you can achieve the full potential and dramatic effect of your photo or art.

If you need help in framing your large art or landscape photography prints, then feel free to reach out to me. You can also browse my gallery to get a glimpse of my works.

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