Blog: 4 Subcategories Of Landscape Photography - What To Know

Landscape photography is generally about any photography that focuses on the presence of nature. Since the term itself is quite broad, many subcategories have been made to help differentiate different photos of landscapes, such as seascapes and even cityscapes.

In this article, we will share with you four subcategories that are commonly associated with landscape photography:

1. Clouds

Perhaps the last thing that will ever pop up in your mind when talking about landscape photography is clouds. While they are not technically a landscape, clouds play a massive role as a vital element of a landscape photograph. They can either add to the majestic view of the picture or add a sense of tranquility. Either way, without clouds, no landscape shot is ever complete.

The physical terrain itself does not always have to be the focal point of a landscape picture, which is why they have their own subcategory where the picture focuses only on the clouds.

2. Mountains

Mountains are the epitome, the hallmark, of any landscape photography, aren't they? The way they stand makes you wish that you had your camera every time you went out. Of course, you should always bring your camera with you, whether that is a phone or a digital camera.

Unfortunately, as beautiful as they are, they are still extremely tough to capture right. However, they are excellent for use as practice, meaning that if you are new to the world of landscape photography and want a hand trying to capture stunning photos, mountainscapes are an excellent place to start. Do note that the landscape photo is not only about the mountain itself, but also about the surrounding area that contrasts from it.

3. Seascapes

Other than the land, the sea is also an excellent place to capture some of the most fantastic landscape photos as well. Many people flock to the beaches; while some enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, others enjoy capturing beautiful pictures there.

By the sea, there are many factors that play a role in the making of a stunning photo, such as weather, light, waves, and people. While these factors might be applicable in other types of photography as well, it gets even more critical when you’re by the sea. If you were to come here and enjoy some photography sessions, you will need to know your craft so that you won’t end up with a hundred photos you simply see and move on.

4. Cityscapes and Urbanscapes

Not only is the natural world made for landscape photography, but even human-made structures. For example, sitting atop a tower, you might enjoy the stunning sunset coating the city skyline with a bright orange that mesmerizes you.

While this category still is debated by some photographers out there whether or not it counts as landscape photography, no one can argue the fact that the pictures taken here are always stunning.


There are many types of landscape photographs, some labeled as such, while others are still being debated over by photographers. Nevertheless, this shouldn't ruin the experience for anyone. When you're starting with photography, you should always take pictures that you're interested in, whether that's the mountains, the seas, or even the city!

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