Blog: 4 Landscape Photos You Can Take Using Drones

The existence of drones revolutionized the photography and videography industry. What photographers and videographers deemed impossible before are not only possible but easy to capture as well. With the ability to fly over high distances and remote areas, drones have allowed creative people to produce a new type of art that is fresh on the eyes.

In the past, photographers needed to book a pricey hot air balloon ride to take pictures of the landscape at high altitude. Unless you're a famous photographer or have wealthy clients, that's not possible. With drones, however, you have leveled the playing field and can also take the same quality photos without the expensive price tag.

Here are four landscape photography outputs captured using drones alone—assuming you don't want to waste money on a helicopter or hot air balloon rides.

1) Aerial Landscape Pictures

This type is probably the simplest of all, which is similar to how you would ordinarily take landscape photos. The main difference is that you are shooting pictures from an elevated position instead of ground level. Somehow, it also produces a different view because of the high perspective, which can create a different story compared to photos taken on the ground.

Remember that a height difference of 50 to 100 feet is enough distance to create that aerial photograph. Getting your drone higher than that gives you the risk of losing control.

2) Elevated Panorama

Panoramas are majestic enough, but imagine what the result would be if you captured the scene at an elevated height. The resulting masterpiece would break barriers in the landscape photography industry! Although you apply the same approach and rules of panoramic photography, the resulting picture taken from an elevated height is a hundredfold better than taking it at a ground level.

3) Patterns and Shapes

Another benefit of using drones to capture photos is the ability to see things from different angles. Because of that, it opens a massive door of possibilities. You can get creative and take pictures of patterns and shapes from natural wonders or human-made installations that could become the perfect subject for landscape photography.

Unless you can spend thousands of dollars every time to shoot aerial photos, drones are your only chance of seeing things with a bird's eye view. With drones, you can create landscape photos with strong compositional elements using lines and shapes if you can point down your drone camera on the ground.

4) Shots of the Seas and Oceans

Photographing the sea can be dangerous, especially if you don't know how to swim. With the use of drones, however, you can easily take gorgeous pictures of the line when the sky meets the sea. Drones are also excellent photography gadgets for taking photos of sunrise and sunsets from different angles in less than five minutes. If you don't have a drone, it will take 20 minutes to do that, with the possibility of missing the perfect moment to capture the photo because of the time spent on walking or running.


Landscape photography taken by drones produces exceptional photos that would make people's jaw drop at first sight. Aside from allowing previously unattainable shots possible, using a drone also expedites the photography session by flying.

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