Blog: 4 Different Ways Wall Prints Bring Life Into Your Room

A room is generally bare and generic when there are no decorations. Without them, the room seems to have no identity, and there is little that makes it outstanding or memorable. Interior design makes allowances for pieces, such as wall hangings, sculptures, and vases, because decorations make a place distinct, and showcase the room or home owner’s personality.

A print can bring a wall to life, and there are various reasons a photograph is a good focal point for a room. In this article, you will find out four ways wall prints liven up a wall, and some suggestions when incorporating them into your home.

1. They establish the dominant color of a room

If you have a large photo with a predominant color, it can help anchor the rest of the furnishings in your room. A vividly hued print looks excellent in a room that only has neutral tones. For areas like these, choose accessories that give small pops of color in the same shade as the print, as in throw pillows, small vases, or books on end tables.

Beige, white, or grey walls are the best foil to colorful streetscapes. Travel prints from tropical countries or marketplaces are a quick way of injecting color into a living space. You can also use wildlife photography or landscape photos with interesting colors to offer the same effect.

2. They provide a contrast to sharp lines

Minimalist spaces often have clean, straight lines. Macro photography featuring circles, curves, and other soft lines provide a good contrast to rooms with a minimalist aesthetic. Make sure that the colors in your room complement the ones in the photo as well.

A spare bedroom or living room is like a blank canvas. Aside from macro or abstract photos, designers can use portrait photography to work against severe lines in a room.

3. They brighten up any room

Know that photos are more than decorations because they can be conversation starters or ways to honor pleasant memories. A person who likes traveling will often have interesting photos of their trips. Aside from using a photo as a base for the color scheme in a room, a designer can also use it as the focal point for the furnishings and other accessories.

Beyond prints of places, you can use photos of you or your loved ones. If you have an interesting and candid photo of your children during a trip, you can turn this into the focal point of your room. Take the colors of the picture and choose three dominant colors and use that as a guide when picking out the hues for fabrics and other accessories for the room.

4. They highlight wall textures

A textured wall provides visual interest, but you can highlight this further by hanging prints in contrasting patterns. For example, if your walls have a sand swirl pattern, you can hang monochromatic prints with many details to offset the textures.

Wood-paneled rooms, meanwhile, look good with old photos or prints of historical buildings. This gives a vintage feel, which you can then balance by choosing modern seating and surfaces that complement the colors of the room.


A photo is a good way to direct the attention of anyone who walks into a room. Choosing the perfect print lies in knowing which color combinations work best in your space. You can also highlight texture or lines with your choice of photograph.

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