Blog: 3 Fine Art Landscape Photos You Should Sell - What To Know

Since photography is a form of art, photographers can sell their captured works to interested people. They can do so online or at art exhibits. However, there are sure photos that sell more than others. If you’re not knowledgeable about which photos make you say you’ve hit the goldmine, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue. The case is valid for landscape photography too, where there is an undeniable preference over distinct photos. It is best to make copies of landscape photography prints you know that will sell instead of variants that won’t get any attention.

Here are three landscape photography print types that sell more than the others:

1) Iconic Spots That Are Uniquely Captured

If you noticed the trend, photos of iconic places always sell more than others until they lose their popularity over time. Globally, I can think of the Statue of Liberty, Great Wall of China, London’s Big Ben, The Underground River of Palawan, or the Singaporean Merion. However, since these places are subject to a lot of photo sessions from tourists alone, you need to recreate and reimagine how you’re going to capture a picture that no one has ever seen before.

The simplest way to do this is to capture the spots during sunset. The golden hour always influences the photo session with a spectacular sepia-like photo filter that adds depth and a different kind of emotion to your photos. Another time to take pictures is during the night. It would be best if you add an astronomic shot of the night sky to spice up the overused photoshoot spot. In doing so, you bedazzle audiences with photos that are fresh and new to the eyes of the world.

2) Trees That Symbolize Fortitude and Resilience

Our ancestors used trees as a metaphor for resilience, strength, grit, and character. The associated emotions tied to trees trace back as far as the ancient dynasties where people always use trees as backdrops for portrait painting and sketches. If you successfully manipulate the emotions associated with trees, you can create masterpieces that speak directly to the hearts of your audience. It is best to select trees that show character more than others carefully. It depends on the photographer’s artistic interpretation of the tee’s growth, including the way its branches and leaves show on camera.

3) Rustic Spots Like Barns

People value the rustic aesthetics, and the continuous emergence of antique shops is proof of the phenomenon. That’s why a lot of people enjoy the charming aesthetics of antiques and old things. The best example of the most rustic spots are barns, which is a metaphor for a time-forgotten place or the ancient western-style architecture.


The three mentioned landscape photos are the most popular for a reason—they stir the sensations of audiences in a bizarre but comfortable way. However, before you could any of these, there are things you should consider before you can safely display them for sale.

First, consider positioning. If it’s too shabby to be called a professional’s work, I suggest you don’t put it up for sale. Next, ensure your pieces have a centralized form of composition. Lastly, post-processing is a must to enhance your print quality and selling value.

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